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What You Should Know About Working in Mississippi

Each state has specific laws that govern the workplace, with similarities and differences. Mississippi has no state-specific wage and hour laws, so the minimum wage, overtime, and break period laws are governed by federal law. The following is a summary of laws, regulations, and issues to keep in mind when working in Mississippi.

Know Wage Standards

Due to the decision not to have its own wage or overtime laws, Mississippi follows the federal minimum standards for wages and overtime. Mississippi's minimum wage is $7.25. Employers in Mississippi must pay their employees overtime wages if they work more than 40 hours in a typical work week.

Learn Time Off Rights

Mississippi has few laws regarding employee time off or leaves of absence. For situations where federal, state, and local law overlap, the law that provides the most significant rights or benefits to the employee will prevail. For instance, federal law may require employers to offer unpaid leave for reasons such as family and medical leave, military leave, military family leave, and jury duty.

Injury Compensation

The state of Mississippi requires employers with five or more employees working in the state to provide workers' compensation insurance. The workers' compensation system provides medical treatment and lost wages to injured or ill employees who sustain injuries while working. There are times when there is a denial of a claim, but this does not mean the claim will always be denied or never admitted. For more serious work injury cases, working with a personal injury lawyer can help to get claims admitted and compensated. Additional monies can be awarded in cases of negligence.